Welcome Beth Williams!

beth2Welcome to Beth Williams, singer/songwriter from Cedaredge, Colorado.  Tracer’s Blog has added a new page for Beth, so take a look at her biography. Beth Williams has been a professional musician for over 40 years, and has an outstanding career.  I recently interviewed Beth, and loved her explanation of how she ‘sings the rainbow.’  By that she means that she loves singing everything from old folk songs, to country, gospel, and whatever the spirit moves her to sing.  She will be auditioning for the entertainment at the Denver People’s Fair.

Congratulations, Katey!

Katey reached her Kickstarter goal, and sent out notices today letting all of her followers know that the remix project is a go. There are a lot of great things to look forward to this spring and summer!

Tracer’s Blog will let you know when the music is available for free download.  There will also be a schedule posted of Katey’s upcoming events.  Congratulations to Katey and all of her Kickstarter supporters, this music will be available to the public for free.  Indie artists are that way, they give away a lot for free. Her radio campaign for Periscope is still going strong, and you can still buy a copy of Periscope by visiting her website.

Kate Laurel Goes Groovy

Katey Laurel’s Kickstarter Projectkl remix pic

has only days left for her goal to be reached. This is a groovy remix of her songs from Periscope by other musicians.  The genres range from Pop to EDM (electronic dance music) to Dubstep and Dreamwave/Synth Pop so far.  There will be no physical album when she is finished, but the songs will be available as a free download.

All of her Kickstarter backers will be the first to download the songs.  The funds she is raising here will enable her to have two ‘name’ remix artists contribute to this collaboration. To read all of the story about Katey’s Kickstarter Project, click here.

Patrick Shanahan’s New Kindle Book, “Terror On Home Soil”


Terror on Home Soil

by Patrick Shanahan

Amazon Kindle Publication Date: February 6, 2014

Not all terrorists wear turbans and cross our borders to attack us. Some are home bred, but still disloyal to our way of life. Jason Williams is taught by his father to love his country but hate its government. Carl Williams, a decorated Viet Nam war veteran and single parent, passes on his expertise as a munitions expert to his only son. That, along with classified training manuals supplied to him by an Army friend holding a high government job, makes Jason one of the deadliest ordinance experts in the world.

High school is painful and because of his interest in computers and disinterest in sports, Jason, along with two other boys, Delblert Fulkerson, and Landon Stober, are branded geeks and are out casted, and often made the butt of cruel practical jokes. The boys become close friends and using stolen military ordinance from long ago, seek revenge on their classmates.

Realizing that they could “payback” society for the abuse they suffered the boys form the Save America Society (SAS) and blackmail large corporations in the name of freeing America.

Known only as Cloud, Jason’s father’s friend eventually enlists Jason to help with a bigger agenda. His American Freedom Movement (AFM) group claim to be on a mission to rescue the country from crooked politicians, but in reality they have a much more ambitious agenda. With worldwide conspirators involved, Clouds real objective is the downfall of the United States.

Frank Label and LuAnn Bonneville, Homeland security agents assigned to domestic terrorism, spend years pursuing first the SAS and then the AFM. Frank, a hard nosed city cop and profiler, is teamed with LuAnn, a forensic scientist and self defense instructor. It’s not a match made in heaven, but eventually after realizing that their mission is bigger than personal feelings, a bond if formed and they dedicate themselves to the goal of rooting out America’s enemies.

To see Terror on Home Soil, by Patrick Shanahan, for sale in the Amazon Kindle Store, click here.

Katey Laurel’s Latest Release

Katey L rKatey Laurel is a Denver singer/songwriter about to release her CD Periscope on iTunes on January 14, 2014. This is her 3rd album and an outstanding one, too! She is also launching a radio campaign on January 13.  She is releasing this through her own record label, Roaring Twenties Records.  She had a successful Kickstarter project last year to help her fund this, but she also used countless funds of her own.

Be one of the first to read the Interview with Katey Laurel.

Tracer has added a new page for Katey on Tracer Productions Blog.  Please visit her new page, and also visit her website.  You can also like her on her Facebook Page.

You won’t want to miss reading the full interview with Katey Laurel!  All comments welcome.

New Kindle Release by Patrick Shanahan

Girl named JaneA Girl Named Jane

by Pat Shanahan

Kindle book released on Amazon.com, December 30, 2013

Jane Robinson was the fruit of a permissive subculture; she was also the victim of an indifferent society. Guardianship, in the care of Family Services does not provide the utilitarian atmosphere intended. Instead, it leaves her bitter and distrustful of authority.

The men Jane chose to love have a common denominator; they resent authority and ignore the rules of society. One relationship ends tragically while another introduces a violent stalker into her life, which motivates an identity change.

While pursuing her dream of finding her birth mother and reuniting with her “adopted” sister, Jane’s life takes on a dramatic twist when a chance meeting with Terry Kelley initiates her affiliation with organized crime.

Tracer has added a new page for Patrick Shanahan so you can read his bio.  Click here if you would like to see his book for sale on Amazon.com.  If you would like to learn more about Pat Shanahan, please visit his website.