Small Moments That Mean So Much

St Charles Rec Center Denver

St. Charles Rec Center

On August 4, 2015, Denver Mayor Hancock took a visit to the St. Charles Rec Center.  I just happened to be there doing a bucket drumming camp with the kids in the gym.  We had just gotten word that the mayor was coming, and some excited last moment preparations were underway.  Kids excitedly left the drumming group to get ready for his visit.  But before anyone was ready, he had actually arrived!

I was left drumming my heart out with two bucket drummers when he suddenly walked through the divider that was up in the gym.  We had no time to prepare, we didn’t even see him coming.  Of course we knew who he was, even if he didn’t know who we were.  In that moment, I knew that I was where I was supposed to be, so did the kids, and so did the mayor, too!

Bucket Drum Camp

drum camp 2015Summer Fun with Drums!

Tracer will be teaching bucket drumming at the St. Charles and Swansea Rec Centers.  This program is free for kids, ages 5-15, with a My Denver Card.  This is a brand new program and is going to be a ton of fun!  Come on kids, let’s really rock Denver!

Happy Birthday Marilyn

Monroe, MarilynMarilyn Monroe, June 1, 1926 to August 5, 1962

Marilyn Monroe (Norma Jeane Mortenson) came into this world 89 years ago today. Today I want to celebrate her creative life. When I look at her images, I see a spirit that never dies. Marilyn had an intellectual depth that few people ever understood. Her face is recognized all over the world, and women still try to imitate her to this day. Her classic style has become timeless, never marred by old age.

Today I want to think about the happy times that Marilyn had instead of the difficult ones. Looking at her old photos, I can still see those precious moments of joy shining through her eyes. Was she dreaming of a happy future, or the lead role in a serious movie?  Marilyn will forever keep us guessing.

Mixed Media Triptych

Exploration of Artifacts

I have been a jade collector since the year 2000.  I began collecting jade coins in the last few years.   Some of these pieces are jade while others are near-jade. It is difficult to know the difference without a scientific analysis.  These Chinese jade coins are carved with symbols from ancient dynasties.

The carved textures of the symbols on the coins and other flat pendants inspired me to do rubbings of them.  I did these rubbings with colored pencils on handmade paper from India.  Here is the result:  a series of three mixed media pieces on 8″ x 10″ canvas.

The title of the series is Artifacts, and is for sale for $450.

New Paintings

Butterfly Canvas 1
New Acrylic Paintings On Canvas by Gail C. Tracy.

These pieces were commissioned for Healing Elementals.
Dragonfly Canvas 1

New Mixed Media Paintings For Sale.

These mixed media pieces are done on 9″ x 12″ canvas boards, and are $75 each.

Lavender Lava

Lavender Lava

Global Warming

Global Warming

Purple Cyclone

Purple Cyclone

Wind In My Sails

Wind In My Sails

Mixed media includes: acrylics, acrylic medium, pieces of leather, mesh, acid-free celophane, and hand-made papers.

Encrypted Universe

Encrypted Universe






Encrypted Universe, 20″ x 16,” $160; acrylics, plaster gauze, material, hand-made papers, and acrylic mediums on stretched canvas.

Denver Marade, 2015

Martin Luther King Marade, Denver, CO, 2015

The weather was in the 50’s today, January 19, 2015, and what a great day for the Martin Luther King Marade!  Here is a short video of the drummers who sat on the corner of Colfax and York. There was a fantastic turn-out, but unfortunately because the drummers were facing the sun, they did not get any good shots of the people who were in the Marade.  The drummers drummed non-stop for nearly 2 hours.  Thanks to Olivia for video taping the drummers who were still going strong even at the end!