New Page for Sue Shanahan

Sue Shanahan, Author and Artist

Sue’s blog, Commonplace Grace, is a regular feature in the Huffington Post.  Her latest blog post is about Dr. Maya Angelou.  Tracer’s Blog has added a new page for Sue, and it contains a slideshow of 26 of her illustrations.  Take a look at Sue Shanahan’s Page to read more about her blog and to see her art.

The Ridiculousness of Spam

no spamWordPress has many great plug-ins that block spam comments, but eventually spammers find ways to get through. When you have a blog primarily about art and music, you know you’ve been spammed when these are the keywords and phrases coming up in your comments:

cambogia weight-loss, facelift, Pokemon, Brussels, Viagra, machine, arguments, doctor, hacker, video game, plantar fasciitis, cheat tool, knife, circular saw, cigar, bitcoin, carpet shampooing, used car, dog food, membrane, flooding, water pressure, fleas bit my children, cancer, xbox, counseling, whey protein, cracker, donate, plumbing, maceration, synthetic blend, 12 mm pieces, degradation, engine oil additive, basement crack, epoxy repair, skinny, belly fat, sleeping bags, robot…

Thanks to the plug-in ‘En Spam’ I now have more time to be entertained by other things. But, I have to admit, my favorite phrase is ‘fleas bit my children.’  Believe me, it wouldn’t have been possible to make up anything that ridiculous.

Welcome Beth Williams!

beth2Welcome to Beth Williams, singer/songwriter from Cedaredge, Colorado.  Tracer’s Blog has added a new page for Beth, so take a look at her biography. Beth Williams has been a professional musician for over 40 years, and has an outstanding career.  I recently interviewed Beth, and loved her explanation of how she ‘sings the rainbow.’  By that she means that she loves singing everything from old folk songs, to country, gospel, and whatever the spirit moves her to sing.  She will be auditioning for the entertainment at the Denver People’s Fair.

Congratulations, Katey!

Katey reached her Kickstarter goal, and sent out notices today letting all of her followers know that the remix project is a go. There are a lot of great things to look forward to this spring and summer!

Tracer’s Blog will let you know when the music is available for free download.  There will also be a schedule posted of Katey’s upcoming events.  Congratulations to Katey and all of her Kickstarter supporters, this music will be available to the public for free.  Indie artists are that way, they give away a lot for free. Her radio campaign for Periscope is still going strong, and you can still buy a copy of Periscope by visiting her website.